Life and Career Transition

Create a vision for the life and career you want.
There may be a change in your life status: Graduation from school, role at work, marital status or you’re considering making a change. This service will help and guide you through the process of more clearly defining where you want to go and/or become.

Team Dynamics

Produce a strong alignment for your team

For many organizations, having a team in alignment with the broader organization’s mission, vision and strategic goals is more likely to reach its goals. The teams that work together for common purposes is the most crucial driver of thriving organizations. 

Real Estate Education and Coaching

Come to the right decision in buying a personal home or investment property.

Buying a home is a significant life decision. Many moving parts are involved in the process. Streamline the process in deciding your path forward with a real estate coach. We offer services for those looking to buy their first home or multiple investment properties.  

Want to flip a house? We guide and facilitate the process of starting your house flipping business with seminars, webinars and real estate investment coaching.

Inclusion Engagement Coaching

Shift your perspective, unlock your potential and cultural competency.

Today’s changing society demands that we develop our creativity, productivity and acknowledgement of our own personal and professional bias. Become more transparent on communication across diverse communities and with coworkers and colleagues with 1:1 coaching sessions on inclusion-related topics.

Financial Education & Coaching

Guidance in making - and reaching personal financial life goals.

Financial well-being is a state in which people can feel secure and make choices that allow them to enjoy life. Reach your personal financial goals by working collaboratively with a coach experienced in managing personal finance. 

Work-Life Integration

Design your ideal balance between life and work.

Don’t allow your career to consume the entirety of your life. Design and develop your ideal life. Work together with a coach to brainstorm, create and formulate your ideal personal and professional life balance in accordance with your vision. 

Entrepreneur & Business Coaching

Define your business vision and become a more effective entrepreneur.

It is said that starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down. Work with a coach to develop your strategic priorities and decision-making process. Discover a partner and sounding board as you start your new business or side hustle. 

Leadership Coaching

Develop your strengths, team building skills and set a professional vision.

The demands of being an executive, supervisor or manager can be difficult to weigh against the responsibility of nurturing and developing human capital. Learn how to be a better leader in supporting your organization’s objectives and mission. Define your personal leadership vision and create your desired outcome by projecting your leadership professionally and personally.