What is Professional Coaching?

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We live in a difficult and challenging time in our global society, from racial reckoning to the coronavirus that practically shut down our American economy to a rapidly changing world. During the pandemic in 2020, we saw a rapid shift in working from workplaces to working from home using Zoom technology to connect, network, interact with colleagues, peers, and family members. We see job changes, created and or even invented. We see some businesses exited and able to pivot, adjust, and adapt to the changing environment at a rapid rate. We see jobs virtually disappeared overnight; the way we used to work no longer applicable today. We must change, re-learn, develop new skills, learn how to work, and get things done at the highest level. In other words, like Warren Buffett famously stated: “We must invest in ourselves.”

Social media is now the most powerful tool in our rapidly changing global society. We see that people able to recorded and posted critical incidents or significant events and tell their stories. They are now owning their own stories and sharing their stories—the rise of Youtube, podcasts. For example, TikTok is now the number #1 widely downloaded app where people use to tell their stories and educate and entertain people. Virtually every social media, from YouTube, Instagram, FB, Messenger, Whatsup app, and Snapchat, is now the primary driver of interacting and sharing our stories using those tools. With the raised in social media come even more distractions and addiction to social media. With the app, smartphone, and websites, we are often distracted and addicted to the technology that interrupted our space for thinking critically, making sound decisions both professionally and financially, spending quality time with our loved ones, or being mindfully present in the moment. The question for you to ponder – how do you reclaim your voice and your time?

There is wealth inequality in our society which was widely exposed during the pandemic of 2020 when millions of Americans lost their jobs and eventually their livelihood. When our Federal government declared our economy shut down due to uncontrollable spreads of the COVID-19 virus, we see that millions of Americans flood to unemployment benefits, fall behinds on their bills, rents, mortgages, and facing global food insecurity. Capitalism was exposed at its worst when people don’t have sufficient savings or even a job before the pandemic. We see the limits that businesses and our federal government can sustain our livelihoods. What can you do to ensure yourself and your family’s future? When you can work, save, invest, and grow your resources over time, you maintain your destiny. 

The questions for us to ponders – what can I do to redefine my personal, professional vision, values, beliefs and find my voice? What do I want to contribute? What legacy do I want to leave my family and or our community? This is where a certified professional coach comes in. According to the definition from International Coaching Federation – “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” The keyword is maximizing your personal and professional potential. Certified Professional coach partners with clients to guide, support, and help clients clarify personal and professional values, visions, goals, work on life projects and or make important life decisions. By partnering with a certified professional coach, the coach helps you refocus, reclaim your time, life direction, rediscover your inner voice to reduce the “noises” in your life. Like widely successful professional athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business people have their coaches to accelerate their self-defined success due to being coached. You may still wonder how relevant a coach would be for your everyday life. This is where my coaching services level your playing field and beyond. 

In closing, “The number one skill set,” says Brain Coach Jim Kwik, “is to learn how to learn.” Working with a professional coach will be your most crucial thinking partner and accelerate your learning process to incorporate new thinking, skills, knowledge, and behavior.